Get Our Universities Out of the Meat Industry

We wouldn’t let our universities teach that people should own each other or are natural cannibals. Yet our land-grant-universities (LGUs) routinely teach similarly false & repugnant notions: that it is right for nonhuman animals to be property; that human beings evolved as hunters and meat-eaters; that eating from animals is good for people – all contrary to experience and established knowledge.

Our LGUs call their meat-industry courses “animal science.” But science means knowledge, not industry promotion. “Animal science” promotes our most destructive industries by teaching slaughter, breeding, fattening, and eating of animals – at horrendous cost to all of us.

Providing for the general welfare and the common defense is hard enough without our most influential institutions working against us!

Following is some of the devastation caused by “animal science.”

Disease. Heart disease, stroke, breast, colon & other cancers, osteoporosis: These and other serious diseases are linked to meat, milk & egg consumption. Our LGUs’ meat-industry courses promote diets that make people sick.

Soaring Health-Care Costs. Medical & insurance costs, a leading cause of bankruptcy, increase mainly due to chronic diseases linked to meat, milk & egg consumption. Our LGUs’ meat-industry courses cause economic distress and disaster.

Global Warming. Methane from “both ends” of animals raised for food warms the climate faster than CO2 and is easily eliminated by plants-only eating. Our LGUs’ meat-industry courses cause global warming with resulting intensified droughts, hurricanes, rising sea levels, and more.

Desertification. Putting cattle, sheep, and other “domestic” animals on the land to graze turns verdant land to desert. Desertification from grazing is linked to the collapse of civilizations. Our LGUs’ meat-industry courses destroy Earth’s life-giving capabilities and threaten humanity’s future.

Water & soil contamination. Extremely inhumane factory-farming methods – developed for the meat industry by our LGUs’ meat-industry programs – concentrate billions of gallons of animal feces at animal factories and feedlots. It spills into rivers, killing millions of fish. It enters ground water. Some of it is sprayed on farm fields, adding toxins not present in conventional manures. Our LGUs’ meat-industry courses are the biggest cause of soil & water contamination.

Topsoil and fresh-water loss. All farming depletes significant amounts of topsoil and fresh water. It takes 500 years to accumulate an inch of topsoil through natural processes. Fresh-water sources like the Ogalala Aquifer beneath the Great Plains are rapidly shrinking due to feed-crop irrigation. Our LGUs’ meat-industry courses promote already-immense food and water insecurity.

Ocean dead zones. Toxic-chemical runoff down the Mississippi River from growing crops for animals raised for food is the cause of a vast “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico, one of more than 140 in Earth’s oceans. Our LGUs’ meat-industry courses pollute rivers & oceans and hamper ecosystem protection and recovery, destroying countless beings and biodiversity.

Killing carnivores & omnivores. People have killed countless millions of wolves, cougars, coyotes, foxes, weasels, bears, tigers, and other natural carnivores & omnivores to prevent them from eating cattle, sheep, chickens, pigs, turkeys, and other animals and eggs humans needlessly and recklessly consume. Our LGUs’ meat-industry courses promote the killing of carnivores & omnivores and threaten some species’ survival.

Killing nonhuman herbivores. Farming naturally attracts deer, rabbits, mice, rats, groundhogs, elephants and other plant-eating animals, whom humans kill as pests. Farming can be made less inhumane. But much more farming than necessary takes place because 70 percent of cropland is used to feed farmed animals. Our LGUs’ meat-industry courses promote needless killing of nonhuman herbivores.

Species extinctions. The sixth massive wave of species extinctions, occurring today, is caused by human practices. Raising animals for food threatens biodiversity more than any other practice, due to over-intensive use of soil, water, energy, land, and more. Our LGUs’ meat-industry courses are a significant cause of species extinctions.

Poverty and oppression. Animal & feed-crop producers and governments they dominate drive produce farmers from their land; concentrate land ownership & wealth and destroy ecosystems, undermining people’s ability to provide for themselves; and create industry-government-military alliances that produce fascism. Our LGUs’ meat-industry courses perpetuate poverty & oppression.

Violence, war & genocide. Conflicts over ever-scarcer resources cause wars and are increasingly the primary cause of wars, genocide, and other violence. Eating from animals requires far more resources than eating from plants. Global warming caused by meat-eating generates violent conflicts over water as streams stop flowing from mountains whose snows are vanishing. Our LGUs’ meat-industry courses perpetuate violence, war & genocide.

Inhumane treatment of animals. “Humane” means kind. It is never kind for human beings to use other animals for food or other purposes. People didn’t start using animals thousands of years ago to be kind to them. The vast majority of people believe in humane treatment of animals, but our LGUs’ meat-industry courses teach inhumane treatment of animals.

Meat eating. Strongly influenced by universities, people trust them to teach constructive practices and to avoid teaching destructive ones. By teaching meat-industry courses, our land-grant universities (LGUs) violate that trust and ensure continued unhealthful & destructive diets for countless millions of people.

It is not just academic!
Meat-industry courses inflict real suffering and real death on real people and other beings!

If you are concerned about people’s wellbeing, the treatment of nonhuman animals, and all life on Earth, support and take part in Responsible Policies for Animals’ 10,000 Years Is Enough campaign to get our universities out of the meat industry.

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Revised March 2009

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