Enlighten the Luminaries Campaign

Help get authors, spokespersons, officials, professors, executives, and other Influential people to stop promoting animal-abuse policy, culture, and practice.


Luminaries are people who shed light on important matters. Because civilization is rife with fictions that human beings are naturally violent, are natural omnivores, are entitled to other animals and their natural homes, make progress through technology, and others, our luminaries are benighted regarding basic matters of life and death despite their brilliance in their fields of study and endeavor. They maintain harmful institutions, systems, policies, and practices because their assumptions are informed by them.

To help eradicate animal-abuse policy, culture, and practice and to help advance equal rights and liberation of nonhuman animals, RPA writes to authors, teachers, experts, spokespersons, and other authorities in history, anthropology, philosophy, biology, news, and other areas that powerfully influence human thought and practice regarding the living world and all of its animals, including human beings. You, too, can enlighten the luminaries by sending brief letters and items of RPA literature and newsletters relevant to creating needed change.