“Who gonna take away his license to kill?” − Bob Dylan

“The biggest people with the biggest ideas can be shut down by the smallest people with the smallest minds. Think big anyway.” − Hedy Lamarr

“The world only advances because of those who oppose it.” − Goethe

RPA’s campaigns go far beyond standard activities on behalf of nonhuman animals, which do some good but do not reduce animal abuse, change animal-abuse policy, or promote the paradigm shift needed to establish justice for all animals, including human beings.

Because RPA’s campaigns are unique and unprecedented, we explain them in great detail here. RPA’s campaigns are designed to …

… eradicate teaching, indoctrination, conditioning, reinforcement, and incentives behind animal-abuse policy, culture, and practice.

… demand that our institutions teach the reality that nearly all human misery is rooted in animal abuse, and that they stop promoting the illusion that animal-abuse policy, culture, and practice improve the quality of human life.

… teach all animals’ innate equality and personhood as bases of justice for all animals, equal rights of all animals, and total liberation of nonhuman animals from human domination and tyranny.

… advance the American Revolution and an end to tyranny by applying the Constitution’s stated purposes – justice, liberty, equality, defense, tranquility, and welfare – to all animals, not only human ones.

RPA urges campaigners to persist over time with paradigm-shifting justice- and rights-promoting strategies, abandoning exciting but failing methods of the animal-advocacy establishment. If you find RPA’s campaigns compelling and important but don’t have time to participate, you can support them by donating to RPA.

10,000 Years Is Enough Campaign. Urge your public land-grant universities (agriculture colleges) to stop teaching and promoting animal abuse, falsifying our species’ nature and morality, and denying all animals’ innate equality and personhood. Urge your officials to help eliminate the egregious animal-abuse university courses.

Elephant in the Newsroom Campaign. Get news to stop defaming nonhuman animals, giving their abuse by our species short shrift, and reinforcing false beliefs that human beings are not animals, that nonhuman animals are less than human, that there are “higher” and “lower” beings, that humans are naturally violent, that human beings are entitled to other animals and their natural homes and ecosystems and others.

Campaign K-12. Urge teachers, principals, school board members, and superintendents to ensure that our schools stop indoctrinating children into speciesism and animal-abuse policy, culture, and practice and teach the truth about human nature – peaceable, sociable, empathetic, altruistic, weaponless herbivorous apes from the African savanna – and all animals’ innate equality and personhood.

Enlighten the Luminaries Campaign. Persuade authors, experts, and spokespersons to consider how their work promotes speciesism, humanist extremism, and animal-abuse policy, culture, and practice. Direct them to and provide them with free RPA literature to help them change course.

This Land Is Their Land Campaign. To humanely and equitably reduce human overpopulation and over-use, over-occupation, and contamination of land, water, and air, help people realize nonhuman animals generated the living world over hundreds of millions of years before human beings existed; that human beings are apes of the African savanna not biologically entitled to live elsewhere or to destroy other animals’ natural homes and ecosystems; and that our species will benefit from restoring the living world and enabling other animals to lead fulfilling lives.