The RPA Difference

Responsible Policies for Animals (RPA) departs from conventional animal advocacy by promoting equal guaranteed autonomy, ecology, and dignity rights of all animals the way rights of new groups of persons come to exist.

The way to establish rights of new groups of persons is to completely reframe in the human mind the nature of the rights-lacking group, the nature of the tyrant class (in this case, humans), and the injustice of that relationship. Reframing the human majority and the injustice of its millennia-long relationship to the tyrant class, for example, initiated the process, still going on today, by which tyrants are overthrown and democratic republics established based on equal rights. Such rights continue to evolve in the U.S. and elsewhere, group by group.

Standard animal advocacy focuses on the worst atrocities humans perpetrate against other animals, attributing them to cruelty even though cruelty – abuse for the purpose of causing pain and suffering – is only a minuscule portion of animal abuse. The anticruelty message neither reframes our species’ relationship to the other animals nor promotes the full set of rights nonhuman animals need in order to lead fulfilling lives – rights such as human beings have under the U.S. Constitution. (See Animal Rights page.)

Only RPA teaches that humanism – the ideology that human beings are Earth’s master species, all in nature exists for humans to use, dispense with or contaminate, and other animals have no intrinsic worth – must be supplanted by a new animalism. What only benefits humans is not good enough: We must make policy comport with the common good of all animals. This is the way to restore the wellbeing of humans, other animals, and the living world – all enormously deteriorated since humans started systematically abusing other animals many thousands of years ago.

By supporting RPA, you can participate in the new wave of the animal-rights movement – the only organized endeavor likely to establish justice and the other innate human values articulated in the U.S. Constitution and promoted by the United Nations. The first wave of the “animal rights movement” is not a true rights movement. And we cannot create the needed change through conscientious objection alone (vegan lifestyle).

Only through the process of eliminating the full scope of animal abuse – our species’ main task in the 21st century – can we free ourselves and the other animals from tyranny and maximize wellbeing and fulfillment. Be part of the solution – be an RPA member.

Thank you!