Board of Directors

RPA’s experienced, talented, and professional Board of Directors brings to RPA’s work and the endeavor of establishing rights of all animals many lifetimes of dedication to the wellbeing of humans and other animals. Animal advocacy, social work, law, business, animal rescue, teaching, veganism, and veterinary medicine are among the professions, activities, and practices represented by RPA’s directors.


David Cantor

Founder, Executive Director, President of the Board of Directors

“As long as I can remember, I have been deeply troubled by injustice and preventable suffering in human beings and other animals. Seeing misery increase throughout my lifetime, I created Responsible Policies for Animals to try a fundamentally new remedy.” —David Cantor

Learn about RPA founder David Cantor.


Lynn Ramsey, Esquire

Vice President

“Having worked for many charities and rescued many animals, I have learned caring is not enough – only rights provide meaningful protection.” —Lynn Ramsey


Rob Teti, D.V.M.


“I have served as a veterinarian for many years, and I run a prominent animal sanctuary. I believe people, ecosystems – and of course nonhuman animals – require an end to humans’ animal use and ownership for all to lead fulfilling lives.” —Rob Teti


David Sauder


“As a long-time social worker and animal advocate, I know there is no meaningful difference between suffering in human beings and in other animals and what humans do to other animals is a major source of human suffering. If we fail to make rights of all animals the future, the future will be ever increasing misery.” —David Sauder


Irene Lotka

Board Member

“I’d gained long professional experience and health-care knowledge as a hospice nurse before I began to see the strong connection between animal abuse and human disease – not just chronic illness caused by eating from animals but the major infectious diseases too. I don’t know of any organization besides RPA promoting equal rights of all animals as a remedy to human disease – something everyone should support. I’m glad to be able to take part by serving on RPA’s Board of Directors.” —Irene Lotka