About RPA

Responsible Policies for Animals (RPA) is a unique national educational nonprofit organization based in Glenside, Pennsylvania. A political movement is needed to promote justice for all animals and to establish rights of all animals – the only way to reduce suffering, loss, deprivation, and early death in humans and the other animals. Only a true animal-rights movement can fulfill the Constitution’s core values – justice, liberty, equality, defense, tranquility, and the general welfare. RPA embodies that movement. Learn about RPA founder David Cantor and read a Statement & Greeting from Cantor.

RPA teaches what civilization, its institutions, and its false ideologies suppress: humans’ innate understanding that all animals are persons and that all deserve an equal chance at a fulfilling life. RPA members support living values over powerful nonliving interests that have our species on a wrong and destructive course.

RPA’s campaigns, websites, lectures, literature, exhibits, meetings, articles, and letters show people how to recognize and oppose injustice toward nonhuman animals so that rights of all animals can eventually be established.

Our species’ dominant ideology – humanism – teaches that all in nature exists for human use and that humans should put everything and everyone on Earth to their use. Humanism and the policies and practices flowing from it cause nearly all misery in humans and other animals. RPA’s campaigns debunk humanism, promoting justice for all animals and their unalienable equal autonomy, ecology, and dignity rights.

RPA shows people how to promote (1) the perceptual shift required for humans to see other animals as persons and therefore entitled to rights, and (2) a political agenda similar to those that produce and expand human rights, accounting for minor differences between humans and the other animals.


RPA’s 10,000 Years Is Enough campaign demands that our massive network of agricultural universities end humanism’s most egregious academic program: “animal science” – training, research, collusion, sales, and promotions for the meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries.

RPA’s This Land Is Their Land campaign aims to reverse humanism’s most harmful assaults on free-living animals: land-use policies and practices that drive nonhuman animals from their homes, drive species extinct, and kill trillions with roads, automobiles, buildings, fences, dams, energy grids, and other biologically destructive innovations.

RPA’s news campaign – soon to feature the manual Elephant in the Newsroom: A Newsperson’s and Citizen’s Guide to Accurate and Truthful Reporting on Animals, Including Humans – targets humanism and injustice toward nonhuman animals as promoted every minute of every day by the industry most responsible for managing the public mind and determining people’s focus and priorities.

Board of Directors

RPA’s experienced, talented, and professional Board of Directors brings to RPA’s work and the endeavor of establishing rights of all animals many lifetimes of dedication to the wellbeing of humans and other animals. Animal advocacy, social work, law, business, animal rescue, teaching, veganism, and veterinary medicine are among the professions, activities, and practices represented by RPA’s directors.

Support our Efforts

Support RPA. Donations of any amount are appreciated, and you can become a member of RPA by donating $25 or more.