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10,000 Years Is Enough Campaign

Make Our Colleges of Agriculture Stop Teaching False and Dangerous Beliefs!

"Animal science" programs at our agriculture colleges are a major threat to human health and wellbeing, a powerful engine of animal abuse, and a disaster for the living world. Learn more about the problem and what you can do to help.

RPA Bibliography proves the "animal science" disaster is a major factor in human misery, animal abuse, and disruption of the living world.

"Animal science" programs at our massive network of agriculture colleges (land-grant universities / LGUs) are a major threat to human health and wellbeing, a powerful engine of animal abuse, and a disaster for the living world. Not really science but technology, "animal science" teaches false and dangerous beliefs about the kind of animal human beings are, the nature of other animals, human health and nutrition, and other life-and-death matters.

Preventing disease is the ideal for human health and wellbeing, but humans get almost every infectious disease we can name – AIDS, influenza, bubonic plague, smallpox, Ebola virus, MERS, and countless others from unnatural contact with nonhuman animals. And the non-communicable diseases that cause human beings the most suffering and death – heart disease, stroke, and many cancers – are linked to eating from animals. (See Animal Abuse: It's Why We Suffer.)

All direct contact between human beings and other animals is unnatural, arising from our species' elaborate imagination, not science. Humans evolved as naked, weaponless, plant-foraging apes on the African savanna, prey to large cats, reptiles, dogs, and raptors. Original humans, not yet organized to kill unnaturally with weapons, could only suffer, not benefit, from harming, killing, or trying to capture nonhuman animals. No wonder "animal science" perpetuates disease and misery in humans along with the incalculable suffering of trillions of nonhuman animals used and killed in the meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries and the quadrillions indirectly harmed and killed. (See What Kind of Animal Are We? bibliography.)

"Animal science" is today's misguided version of the enslavement, confinement, eugenics, mutilation, slaughter, and other atrocities institutionalized some 10,000 years ago – but on a much larger scale than in those benighted, pre-scientific times. Regardless of how many students take "animal science" courses – and the number is large, with more than 100 LGUs operating in the 50 states and beyond – "animal science," because erroneously deemed a legitimate academic subject, misleads billions of people about healthful eating, subjecting families to food poisoning, diseases mentioned above, and other miseries.

"Animal science" inflicts moral injury on the entire human world by making the LGU communities, tuition payers, taxpayers, people who eat from animals, and people in the meat, dairy, fish, egg, pharmaceuticals, animal-feed, agrichemical, and other allied industries complicit in the massive, unrelenting, atrocious (mostly lawful) abuse of all animals used for food and the far-reaching animal abuse involved in destroying natural predators to protect "livestock"; occupying unconscionable amounts of land to produce feed; intensively poisoning water and soil; and rapidly heating Earth's climate with methane from farm animals and other gases linked to meat, dairy, fish, and egg production, marketing, and preparation.

Our colleges of agriculture were established to serve farmers in the public interest. Raising and slaughtering animals is not agriculture, which means cultivation of fields, and "animal science" devastates the public interest. Only plants, seeds, soil, and water – not animals – are mentioned in the laws establishing our LGUs and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries forced their way into our LGUs, corrupting what are in some ways great institutions of higher learning.

For more than a decade, our LGU presidents, chancellors and trustees, all 50 states' governors (governors are also LGU), and many state legislators and U.S. representatives and senators informed of the "animal science" disaster have rationalized their failure to respond to Responsible Policies for Animals' (RPA's) 10,000 Years Is Enough campaign to halt our LGUs' teaching of false and dangerous beliefs about human beings, other animals, food and nutrition, the environment, and other life-and-death matters.

You can do a lot to help end our LGUs' incalculable billions of dollars' worth of training, research, collusion, sales, and promotions for the meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries. Join RPA and its supporters in writing letters as recommended below. Become an RPA member today. Read the helpful information linked to this webpage. Inform others. Few advocates, activists, teachers, officials, or newspersons realize that "animal science" is the number-one problem we as American citizens must address to take our country back and fulfill the principles articulated in our Constitution: justice, liberty, equality, defense, tranquility, and the general welfare.

Thank you!

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