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10,000 Years Is Enough Campaign

Help Make Our Colleges of Agriculture Tell the Truth about Animals!

Learn about the injustice our massive system of agriculture colleges perpetrates by providing training, research, collusion, promotions, sales, and public relations for the meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries and by teaching false beliefs necessary to serve the industries – and how you can persuade them to tell the truth.

RPA Bibliography proves the "animal science" disaster is a major factor in human misery, animal abuse, and disruption of the living world.

Iowa State University, University of Florida, Cornell University, University of California Davis, Penn State University, Texas A&M University, and our many other land-grant universities (LGUs) – homes to our colleges of agriculture – were established to serve farmers in the public interest, not large corporate commercial interests. Human beings are natural plant-foraging herbivores. The meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries, heavily supported and promoted by our LGUs, devastate the living world and inflict agony on trillions of animals. Putting nonhuman animals to human use has released countless disease scourges on human beings and remains a highly dangerous practice for humans and the natural world.

Responsible Policies for Animals urges our LGUs to teach the truth about animals, not false beliefs that original humans were hunter-gatherers, that humans are natural "killer apes" and "predators," that eating from animals is natural and healthful for humans, and that there can be ecologically sound, humane, just, or natural ways for humans to use other animals for food or other purposes.

Civilization's overarching ideology is humanism. Religious and secular humanism hold one species of ape, human beings, superior to all other beings and inherently entitled to more than an ape's share of Earth's wealth. But there is no master species in nature. Humanism is a sweeping rationalization for civilization's predominant policy: animal abuse. All institutions promote and reinforce humanism and the resulting speciesism and animal abuse. That includes universities. Our land-grant universities – those with our colleges of agriculture – are the most extreme in their false and harmful teachings. Our LGUs owe it to all human beings and all of Earth's other beings to eliminate "animal science" – their massive meat, dairy, fish, and egg programs.

If you have ever lost a family member in an influenza epidemic, if you or a family member suffer from heart disease, stroke, colon, breast, or some other cancers, if food poisoning has stricken you or a loved one – you have seen personally some of the severe costs of "animal science." Water and soil contamination, massive ocean dead zones, human-caused climate change – these and other atrocities against the living world also bear the stamp of "animal science" at our colleges of agriculture. Universities have no business putting animal-abusing commercial interests above the public interest and the common good – and no business teaching false beliefs. Once you grasp the enormity of the "animal science" problem, we are sure you will want to help solve it.

In nature, there are no superior and inferior beings. There is no "great chain of being," just an infinitely complex web of life. The concept of "subhuman" beings accounts for sexism, misogyny, widespread rape on campuses, racism, anti-Semitism, human slavery, genocide, war, poverty, and other persistent evils. "Animal science" at our colleges of agriculture – a humanist-extremist program that belongs in the distant past – keeps alive the less-than-human concept by maintaining nonhuman beings' subservient and subordinate status as instrumentalities and property. Humans easily apply this concept to targeted groups of humans by analogy. It is hard to find an eliminationist or terrorist campaign where perpetrators do not portray victim groups as nonhuman animals deemed unworthy of life.

Since 2003, Responsible Policies for Animals has sent hundreds of letters, factsheets, videos, books, and bibliographies to the presidents and trustees of the main LGUs in all 50 states urging them to ensure that our colleges of agriculture will stop teaching false beliefs about animals, including humans. This requires an end to "animal science" at our colleges of agriculture – "poultry science," "dairy science," "aquaculture," and the rest. RPA has also long been urging the states' governors, who are LGU trustees, to help. A great many U.S. legislators on powerful LGU-related committees, too. And we have published many articles and letters on the "animal science" problem.

Amazingly, it is hard to find an LGU president, chancellor, or trustee – anyone charged with overseeing our colleges of agriculture, including the 50 states' governors, who are also trustees of their states' LGUs – with awareness and concern about the harm to human health & wellbeing, nonhuman animals, and the living world from current food policy, including "animal science." RPA is working to change that. Meanwhile, all who grasp the need to end "animal science" and put our species on the course to sound food policy must do their part.

To help Responsible Policies for Animals end the vast, far-reaching, unjust and destructive, science-undermining programs wrongly called "animal science," ...

RPA Bibliography proves the "animal science" disaster is a major factor in human misery, animal abuse, and disruption of the living world.

"Animal science": help end the disaster

– write to your state's governor, LGU president, and LGU trustee (see letters that RPA has written these officials);

– discuss further actions with RPA at, 215-886-RPA1, or P.O. Box 891, Glenside, PA 19038, USA.

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RPA Factsheet #2: End University Meat, Dairy, Fish, and Egg Classes: Experts Free of Industry Ties Point the Way

RPA Factsheet #3: Why Environmentalists Should Help Get Our Universities out of the Meat, Dairy, Fish, and Egg Industries

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Responsible Policies for Animals, Inc., P.O. Box 891, Glenside, PA 19038