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Responsible Policies for Animals (RPA) is a pioneering educational nonprofit organization based in Glenside, Pennsylvania. A political movement is needed to promote justice for all animals and establish equal rights of all animals – the only way to reduce suffering, loss, deprivation, and early death in humans and the other animals. Only a true animal-rights movement can fulfill the Constitution's core values – justice, liberty, equality, defense, tranquility, and the general welfare. RPA is leading the new wave of the animal-rights movement, the first wave long ago having abandoned rights advocacy.

As an animal-rights organization, RPA does not rescue animals suffering today but teaches what everyone needs to know so that all animals will eventually have the equal rights they need to lead a fulfilling life, no longer subordinated to human beings. Helping animals is not an animal-rights activity. If you seek help for abused animals, some organizations might assist you, but remedies are rare because the law is only designed to serve human beings, corporations, and their economic interests. That is why anticruelty laws do not reduce animal suffering and why RPA and the new wave of the animal rights movement are so desperately needed. This website explains, and we are glad to answer any questions you might have. Welcome, and thank you for visiting.

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See RPA's brochure: Animal Abuse: The Whole Story (three panel, double-sided).


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Toward a Humane, Just, and Fulfilling Future: What Responsible Policies for Animals Does, and Why

Human beings have innate sympathy for other animals, a natural affinity for our nonhuman relatives. Institutions work to suppress that natural human sensibility – to continue our species' destructive rampage over Earth's continents and oceans at the expense of all animals. The result: incalculable suffering in humans and the other animals.

Civilization is based on animal abuse. That doesn't make animal abuse right: We humans just have not yet established justice as called for in the Constitution of the United States, whose stated values – justice, liberty, equality, defense, tranquility, and the general welfare – reflect our species' innate morality.

Continuing animal abuse means ever more human suffering, loss, oppression, deprivation, and early death – disease, war, poverty, mental illness, suicide, and more. All linked to elimination of humans' natural predators and other dangerous animals for the illusion of safety and the rise of the weaponed class that culturally evolved into tyranny over the vast majority of human beings for thousands of years.

Responsible Policies for Animals (RPA) challenges the full scope of animal abuse and the fictions and ideologies that fuel it. RPA members contribute to informed, systematic, aggressive, and nonviolent activism far beyond fighting cruelty to animals. They understand that solutions to deep-rooted problems must address root causes.

RPA promotes the far-reaching set of rights outlined in its Draft Bill of Animal Rights, not because its members, directors, and volunteers believe those rights can be established soon, but because the ideal must be understood and promoted if any progress at all is to be made toward the needed change.

Organized and dedicated pursuit of the rights all animals need to lead fulfilling lives is the most likely means to the desirable goals that all enlightened activism of the past century – antiwar, anti-hunger, antipoverty, environmentalism, public health, equal human rights, wildlife protectionism, veganism, and fighting cruelty to animals – have failed to achieve. Why? Because thousands of years of institutionalized animal abuse is the root cause of the problems those endeavors seek to solve.

Join in the struggle for justice for all animals. Be an RPA member. Tell friends about RPA. Thank you!

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